About SCEA

Conservation of Natural Ecosystems

Skagit Conversation Education Alliance is a locally run and operated organization, focused on protection and improvement of water quality and educating the community. SCEA has been emphasizing on protecting, conserving, and enhancing the natural ecosystems in the Skagit Watersheds for more than 15 years.

SCEA History

The reasons for forming Skagit Conversation Education Alliance are exclusively charitable, scientific, and educational.

  • We build alliances with other organizations and community residents.
  • We improve and enhance our environment through education.
  • We support and inspire grassroots projects that meet the needs of the community for conservation and protection of water, soil, and related natural resources.
  • We encourage voluntary cooperation and collaboration between stakeholders.
  • We work to implement local watershed action plans.


  • KRISTI CARPENTER, President,Skagit Conservation District
  • NICOLE GILMORE , Vice-President
  • JILL WEBER ,Secretary                               
  • DIANE MELVIN , Board Member, John L. Scott
  • Bob Gillespie, Board Member
Board of Directors (2)

Connecting Kids to Conservation:
"Let's Go Outside"

Skagit Conservation Education Alliance (SCEA) is pleased to present the Connecting Kids to Conservation: "Let's Go Outside." MiniGrant Program which is available for Skagit County teachers (K-12). Our goals are to inspire meaningful outdoor learning experiences for local youth; to support national efforts to improve children's health by encouraging outdoor play and activities; to provide support for teachers, schools, and students to create schoolyard habitat and outdoor classroom projects; and to create lifelong advocates for land conservation and environmental protection in our community.

Children hiking in mountains or forest with sport hiking shoes. Girls are playing and learning in the nature with sticks and muddy puddle.
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Skagit County’s Shellfish Protection District

SCEA provides services in Skagit County to assist with the protection and improvement of water quality in saltwater shellfish growing areas, consistent with the goals of the County’s Shellfish Protection District, and in accordance with RCW 90.72. SCEA is a proud partner of the Skagit County Clean Water Program (CWP) / The Clean Samish Initiative (CSI) / Pollution Identification and Correction (PIC) Program.