SCEA 2023 activities
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Have fun outdoors with the 2023 Skagit Watershed Letterbox Trail!

Letterboxing is an exciting opportunity for kids of all ages to explore our local watersheds and have fun while doing so!

Letterboxing is an old English tradition dating back to 1854 where people began leaving self-addressed post cards or notes in a jar, hoping for them to be returned in the mail by the next visitor.
Today we’ve adapted this tradition and put it to use at one of our partners trails located at the Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve.

With your Skagit Watershed Clue Sheet you will start your quest at the Padilla Bay Interpretive Center and from there follow the numbered clues to guide you to all 14 letterbox stations along the beautiful Upland Trail. Each box you find will contain a different topic with information, poems, artwork and puzzles and games created by the 5th grade students from Bayview Elementary.
Paper copies are yours to keep if you wish! Please do not remove the laminated originals.
You will also find in each box a stamp pad, stamp and visitors book.

Once you find a Letterbox, carefully review the contents, trying not to reveal the secret location. Use the stamp in the Letterbox to record your find in your personal journal (optional) and clue sheet. Place your personal stamp (optional) in the letterbox logbook or sign in and leave a note. Hide the Letterbox exactly how you found it to help the next explorer find it like you did. Continue to follow the clues to each box until you reach #14.

Once you have found at least 10 of the 14 boxes you can fill out the back of your clue sheet and return it to qualify for our prize drawings in October.

To get started all you need is a clue sheet, pen/pencil, outdoor attire and a sense of adventure!

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